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In a blog a few weeks ago, I responded to a series of statements made by a doctor on why he/she decided to treat patients with Oncotherm over Pyrexar.  One reason, and I quote "if you Google “oncothermia” you will see plenty of published data". So I put it to a simple test using search terms in 20 peer review journals that focused on cancer.  I was called out by Dr. Andras Szazz, founder of Oncotherm and author of “Oncothermia-Principles and Practices”, and informed that the company does not use the term oncothermia in technical papers. Instead I was told that authors use the term “modulated electro-hyperthermia” (mEHT) or “nanothermia”, and that is the reason the search results were so low.  I do extend an apology to Dr. Szazz for not being aware of those terms.  So I returned to the search criteria and updated the chart below.

The original post, Data does not Lie, Oncotherm... well??, can be found here with the other claims.

Statement: Google "Oncothermia" and you will see plenty of published data that it works.

tom pantsonfireThis is very misleading. In the medical field, published data refers to peer reviewed studies published in reputable medical journals. So we did our own research and typed "oncothermia" into the search bar of the journals listed below. The results compare the number of articles referencing "hyperthermia" vs number of articles referencing "oncothermia". The data spoke.

Peer Reviewed Medical Journal  "hyperthermia"  "oncothermia" "modulated electro-hyperthermia" "nanothermia"
International Journal of Hyperthermia 1985 1 3 0
European Journal of Cancer 960 1 1 0
The Lancet 484 0 0 0
International Journal of Cancer 367 0 0 0
British Journal of Cancer 343 0 0 0
Journal of Clinical Oncology 227 0 0 0
International Journal of Oncology 153 1 1 0
Oncology Reports 132 0 1 0
The Journal of the American Medical Association 80 0 0 0
European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology 79 0 0 0
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 52 0 0 0
International Journal of Medical Science 37 0 0 0
CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians 33 0 0 0
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 32 0 0 0
Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 30 0 0 0
Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases 10 0 0 0
Journal of Clinical Investigation 8 0 0 0
Cancer Medicine 7 0 0 0
Society for Endocrinology 7 0 0 0
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 3 0 0 0
Updated Totals 5,029 3 6 0

Update: Using the new terms, data claimed by oncotherm systems added 3 additional mentions.

So don't fall for it. 17 Phase III studies show its about Heat, not Hype.

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