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mackay memorial hospitalTaiwan now treating cancer patients with Hyperthermia in New Taipei City

After passing the rigorous clearance process with the TFDA (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration), a Pyrexar BSD-2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia system is now installed and treating patients at MacKay Memorial Hospital in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Hyperthermia cancer treatment involves localized heating of cancer tumors using RF energy to a target temperature of 42˚C.  This process is clinically proven to make cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy treatments.

On-site to provide hands-on training, and treat the first series of patients, was a well-respected physician and researcher Dr. Jacobi van der Zee from Erasmus University Hospital-Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dr. van der Zee is recognized as a world leader in hyperthermia with a long list of published papers and clinical studies.

The news quickly reached nearby hospitals creating lines of doctors and clinicians daily to see the new device in action.  Integral to bringing this life-saving treatment to Taiwan was the team from Lindenbiotech and its president Tainang Huang, Ph.D.  “Having this first installation on the island is important to the health and wellbeing of the people of Taiwan,” says Dr. Huang “Cancer is a dire threat to our population which now exceeds 23 million and affects 1 in every 223 people”.  

Mainland China has embraced hyperthermia in the treatment of cancers for over 20 years.  “We are hopeful that this first of several installations planned for Taiwan this year will begin to affect the people of that region positively.,” says Mark Falkowski, CEO Pyrexar Medical. “

Lindenbiotech is the exclusive distributor for Pyrexar Hyperthermia products in Taiwan.  Offering site planning, installation, service, and support.

Pyrexar Medical is a pioneer and worldwide market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and highly effective thermal therapy/hyperthermia treatment systems with established distribution and support networks around the world. PYREXAR Hyperthermia (PYREXAR HT) treatments, proven in multiple clinical trials over the last 30 years, increase the effective dose of ionizing radiation in solid tumors up to 3X without increasing toxicity to healthy tissues.
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