Head & Neck Cancer[span class="rt-title-tag"]Hyperthermia Saves Lives[/span]

Head and Neck cancer is the sixth most common cancer in worldwide according to World Health Organization and the most common cancer in developing countries. With nearly 664,000 new cases annually. Two-thirds of these occurring in developing countries.

Clinical results like the one below reveal that Radiation treatment are more effective when combined with Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia warms the tumor to temperatures in the "fever range" which makes the cancer cells more sensitive to treatment. Normal healthy cells recover while cancer cells die.

Clinical Evidence

Tumor Entity:

Advanced Head and Neck Tumors with Lymph Node Metastasis

Treatment Modality:

In three trials patients with head and neck tumors were randomized to radio(chemo)therapy with or without hyperthermia. Radiotherapy was applied with 2 Gy fractions up to a total dose of 66-70 Gy. Chemotherapy was only applied in the study by Hua et al., to patients with T3-T4 tumors only. Hyperthermia was given once or twice weekly Valdagni, Trento Italy study used BSD-1000.  

Clinical Results:

All three studies showed a significant improvement in complete response rate, and higher local tumor control and overall survival rates, or a longer median survival, when radio(chemo)therapy was combined with hyperthermia.

  RT alone RT plus Hyperthermia
Valdagni 41% 5-y 24% 5-y 0% 83% 5-y 69% 5-y 53%
Hua 81% 5-y 79% 5-y 70% 95% 5-y 91% 5-y 78%
Huilgol 42% not reported median 0.40 y 79% not reported median 0.66 y


  • 41 pts, 44 nodes. Radiotherapy 64-70 GY, 5 fractions/week of 2-2.5 Gy
  • Complete Remission Rate without Hyperthermia: 41 %
  • Complete Remission Rate with Hyperthermia: 83 %
  • 5yr nodal control RT - 24%; RT+HT - 69%
  • 5yr overall survival RT - 0% RT+HT - 53%
  • No enhancement of acute or late toxicity


The combination of Radiotherapy and Hyperthermia is the treatment of choice for Head & Neck Cancer (Level I Evidence) recommended by

Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy:

When hyperthermia is combined with chemotherapy, general treatment guidelines of the ESHO European Society of Hyperthermic Oncology recommend:

  • Target volume for hyperthermia: The target volume for hyperthermia is the gross tumor volume.
  • Sequence of treatment modalities: Hyperthermia is given simultaneously with chemotherapy during cytostasis.
  • Duration of hyperthermia treatment: Superficial hyperthermia total 60 minutes, deep hyperthermia total 90 minutes (including 30 minutes heating-up time) ) at temperatures of 40 to 44 °C in the whole target volume