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The 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Thermal Medicine (STM) concluded last week. The event was held at the happiest place on earth, on the edges of the Disney World resort complex in Orlando, Florida. Apropos locations as temperatures were well into the ’90s, for you thermal scientists around 35˚C, just shy of the hyperthermia therapeutic range.

The annual event attracts clinicians and researchers with exceptional guest speakers and abstracts presented by colleagues. One of those abstracts, “Integration of Deep Hyperthermia with MR Imaging,” presented by our own Paul Turner, CTO at Pyrexar Medical. From what I witnessed, this group is made up of dedicated, passionate professionals who care deeply about treating cancer. Even our after-hours, get-togethers were filled with lively debates on the best uses of thermal therapy — many conversations requiring a Ph.D., MD, and whiteboard to sufficiently follow.

Pyrexar was very proud to represent the BSD-500 and BSD-2000 product lines at the show, as they have become cornerstones of the thermal therapy modality. We felt very welcomed by the group and had the chance to meet some of the clinicians and researchers behind many of the successful clinical trials you can find on our website.

We are very excited for ICHO 2016 (International Congress of Hyperthermic Oncology) currently planned for New Orleans. According to Chris Lapine, Association Manager at Allen Press, next year's conference will host not only the Society of Thermal Medicine but also ESHO – European Society of Hyperthermic Oncology and the JSTM - Japanese Society for Thermal Medicine. This combination event only happens once every four years. 2016 is going to be a great event.

To learn more about STM visit their website www.thermaltherapy.org